SEO Groundwork

No man is an island.

Somebody brilliant said that. According to the interwebz, it could have been Abraham Lincoln. (Spoiler: It wasn’t)

I personally try to take that message to heart.

When you hire me, you’re not really getting a one-man shop.

I have partners. I have people who excel at doing Thing X, but hate doing Thing Y.

I know people who totally rock at Thing Z, but struggle if you throw Thing X their way.

Why would you assume that every body is amazing at every thing?

Think about it: if you’re paying for an agency that has developed such a team, you’re paying for the skills you don’t need, so someone else can access those skills.

I know what I know. And what I don’t know, I have people who do know.

Really, it’s a better system than that over-manned agency model you’re used to.

Touch base. Let’s see if there’s a fit.