SEO Groundwork

What does Veteran-owned mean to you?

Working in the web-world, I eventually grew mighty tired of the same old-same old of the SEO offerings. I decided to approach things from a veteran’s mindset. I know small businesses need help. They need someone to explain things in language they understand. They need to know the basics so they can judge whether something is helping their business or simply a wasted expense.

As a former Marine and Air National Guardsman, I hold myself to a level of accountability that is a bit different from much of the private sector.

Every day, I have to look in the mirror and know that what I say and do reflects not just on me personally, but also on the honor of my military brethren.

I take that responsibility seriously.

I have little patience for double-speak or glossing over less-appealing facts.

I take responsibility for my actions and expect the same from my customers.

I am a team player by nature.

I want to provide the information you need to make good decisions, and the tools to accomplish your goals. At a fair price and with your goals in mind.

Simple enough. If that sounds like a good fit, Send me an email.